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Disciple Men Podcast – Episode 4 with Steve Sabol

Intro: Are you sitting inside your church, waiting for men to come in and beg to be discipled? Is that working for you? In this episode, we talk to a former pastor who is taking the church to the streets.

After pastoring for 30+ years, Steve Sabol felt called to use his time taking the church to the community through programs at the YMCA, schools, and prisons. He works through a 24-week curriculum about manliness that captures men’s hearts and leads them to seek Christ. Men are being impacted through this work. Steve’s work reaches into churches who want to have a life-giving men’s ministry, as well. In this podcast, Steve shares some of the ways that his program specifically interests men and involves them in meaningful conversation.

“Men are men. Men in churches struggle. […] Divorce in the evangelical church has now actually inched past the national average. Many men [who] are regular church attenders acknowledge a struggle with Internet pornography. So, struggles with their marriage, struggles with their kids. So whether it’s an unconnected guy or a connected guy, the needs are the same.” —Steve

“[I give my cell number to newly-released prisoners to get together and] make sure he establishes healthy relationships. Because usually that’s the thing that feeds most into recidivism is they get back into their old familiar circles and it’s very destructive relationships that lead them back to a life they said they don’t want to be a part of anymore.” —Steve

“If you were to ask me what as a 34-year pastor and 38-year minister what’s the greatest problem in culture and society right now and I would use one word to describe it: fatherlessness.” —Steve

“God is opening some incredible doors of opportunity that I never saw coming. The thing I pray every morning is that ‘God, whatever door You open today, help me to be a good steward of the trust You have invested in me.’” —Steve

Instead of trying to get the world to come to church, take the church to the world!

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