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Disciple Men Podcast – Episode 6 with Pat Morley

Episode 006: Taking Back Ground … One Man at a Time with guest Pat Morley

Are you discouraged about lack of impact ministry is having in world today? Do you sometimes want to give up on your efforts because you struggle to see the fruit? Our guest in this podcast is convinced that progress is happening and good things are coming.

All media and statistical information points to men’s ministry having little impact on men generally. However, in one-on-one relationships, men’s discipleship is thriving in ways that the statistics can’t measure. Each man’s change serves as a catalyst for further change in other men. No one said that discipling men and making a widespread impact on them would be easy. No one said that every generation would be equally impacted at any specific time. Men’s ministry can be most effective when it keeps its doors open to every man in the church and offers the support that men need when they need it. Find hope and motivation to press on in your ministry to men.

“Why bother with men’s discipleship? […] God’s designated means to release the power of His gospel on every problem we face is discipleship. […] It doesn’t make any difference how we got into the current situation. The only solution is to disciple our way out. There is no other way out.” —Pat

“The idea of capturing momentum is very important. It’s the idea of figuring out the next right step for each man, giving him an opportunity to visualize something he can see himself succeeding at.” —Pat

“The bottleneck that is most holding back the church is the idea of disciples not making disciples. […] It’s an oxymoron. […] It’s as though for at least one generation […] the church has been really focused on trying to attract people in to come and be discipled. […] We’ve created a generation or two of people that like to consume the religion and be entertained. We have really created a church with a lot of spiritual obesity.” —Pat

“Our work for God will always be a reflection of our walk with God.” —Pat

1. Be in the Word on your own consistently.
2. Be in a life-on-life relationship with 1-4 guys to know each other personally.

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