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008 – “Doing together what we can’t do alone with guest Mike Young”

Disciple Men Podcast
Episode 008: Mike Young

If you do any work in men’s ministry, you are aware that the journey is often hard and lonely. However, it doesn’t have to be. NCMM exists to connect you with other men who are also discipling men, to amplify your work and cheer with you over the successes you see. Mike Young, our new board president, shares with us his story of entering men’s ministry and his passion to see men work together to reach other men.

Mike began his career as a school teacher and administrator then switched to construction before realizing that he wasn’t happy in either of these fields. That’s when God instilled in him a passion for men’s ministry that has not let up. Seeing the value of men connecting with other men in ministry, Mike has been an active member of NCMM for well over a decade. In his new leadership role, he gets to oversee the current regional meet-ups, podcast, and book projects that will result in more men being discipled. Mike points out that every man in men’s ministry has the same calling—to help men follow Christ—although that calling may be manifest in a wide variety of ways. That’s why NCMM exists—to utilize the variety of these best efforts to maximize each individual ministry’s impact to men.


“[My family is] really seeing lived out the biblical model of generational blessing because of faithful men.” —Mike

“There are literally more men that need help and need encouragement and need Christ than the existing ministries of NCMM could ever reach. Not only do we need to get over this idea that we’re in competition with each other, but we’ve also got to invite more men to be part of this. We have to be prayerful and intentional about raising up some other guys. […] There’s much work to be done. We need to be invested in not just expanding what God has given us to do but also expanding the number of guys who are available to participate in the whole movement. It’s critical.” —Mike

“Most guys who are passionate about discipling men are passionate because someone else has discipled them. Someone has invested in them, and they see the value of paying that forward by investing in other men. If that’s your story, we want to hear it; we want to celebrate it with you; and we want to help you disciple even more men. We want to help you multiply out what you are doing so that the guys you are investing in then become men who invest in other men.” —Mike

Challenge: Don’t do another day of men’s discipleship alone! Join our tribe so that we can help and encourage you while you bring your own gifts to the table to help the rest of us.

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