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Christ Is My Savior Ministries

Christ Is My Savior Ministries, LLC a Christ centered ministry that seeks to strengthen men.  Ultimately, we want to help equip men how to influence their world for Christ.  We work to strengthen their faith, witness and service in their homes, congregation and communities.

We align ourselves with Pastors and Men’s leaders to help equip men to stand strong.  Our Call To Duty program is designed to provide men with training that will help develop godly character. We achieve this mission by following the outline throughout the bible.  Our Chief example is Jesus Christ and the teaching He used with His disciples in equipping and encouraging them to study and share their faith.

Christ Is My Savior Ministries, LLC differ from many other men’s ministry in that we don’t place every blame on the man.  We do not feel that the only way to encourage men is to “get into their faces.”  However, we challenge men to step up and into their God given position.

Outside the Wire, Making of A Biblical Man and Workplace Christianity are our three keynote programs.  These programs that will help transform men.

Our first program is Outside the Wire.  This a high impact seminar that will equip men on how to prepare for the spiritual warfare they face daily.  Yves Johnson is our lead speaker.  He compares war zone combat with spiritual combat.  Attendees will leave charged up and equipped to strengthen your family and themselves.  This deals with the day to day living.

The second program is Making of a Biblical Man.  This program has two segments and it discusses our lifestyle.  We have designed several half day seminars to explore ways to help men align themselves to their biblical manhood in a variety of life settings.

– You 2.0.  Is a pragmatic way of assessing what you’re doing and where you’re going.  We conclude the session with how you’ll get there.  This seminar is good for Men’s Retreat or for a bible study.

– Be Strong.  This seminar explores three biblical mandates all men should follow.  This course will leave the participants empowered to strive towards being a man after God’s own heart.

These two programs can run together or at different times of the year. Collectively, they will help you provide direction and equip your men in fighting daily temptations.

Our last program is Workplace Christianity. This seminar equips participants to “Walk out your faith” on their job.  God has placed you at your job to bring Him glory.  We should you how you can touch the lives of your co-workers and help bring them to the knowledge of God.

The Second Chariot workshop is designed to help men understand some of the primary functions of followership within the church. Leadership isn’t easy.  Nor is following someone else’ lead (Followership). This workshop can be shows and remind our men that great leaders need great followers.  The seminar shows men how to lead by following.

Each seminar can be tailored for retreats or half-day seminars.


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