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A Mirror Named Owen – DMM’s Father’s Day Fodder

I am sharing this article with you, not as something written by my own hand but rather a reflection penned by one of my sons. I share it because the content is a reminder of the impact we have as dads and Christian men, not only on our children, but the generations to come. As I read this, I was forced to see a mirrored image of myself and it caused me to take a moment to think about that same character reflection spoken of in this article, and what I might do differently with the grandchildren I am now blessed to have. I hope you find this article as sobering and enjoyable as I did and, I hope it challenges you as a dad at whatever stage of life you are in.

Dr. Ron Fraser

A Mirror Named Owen

“My son is a morning person. I cannot tell you the joy this brings me. When he wakes up, his smile can light up the western hemisphere. In fact, I am assured that if I could bottle that magic it would end the conflict in Korea, bring peace to the Middle East, and maybe even end the feud between the Big Ten and the SEC. Ok, that last one is a stretch.

The reason I enjoy his manner of waking is two-fold. First, it turns my iron will into something that has the impenetrability of hot butter. Second, I too enjoy mornings and wake up generally happy. Unlike…other people…I live with.

However, I am quickly learning that this 3 month old son of mine did not just inherit my vast supply of extraordinary qualities. He may have received a few of the other personality traits that “occasionally” pop up in my life. But I can just blame those on the other half of his genetic pool, right? Wrong. Nope, I am looking at my own spirit inside this tiny little body. And sometimes it looks right back at me through those windows known as eyes and screams, “I WILL have my way.”

Owen is strong. Strong of body. Strong of will. And while he is generally one of the most content and sweet little babies I have ever seen, I know that can change when he is unhappy and he is not getting what he wants.

It is both astounding and slightly scary to watch this little boy grow up and to think of how he will reflect the character of my spirit. Marriage, I have long felt, is a virtual mirror of our lives that reveals our weaknesses and selfishness to us. But this child is going to be an actual physical reflection as well. And that still blows my mind every day.

Consequently, here is the new reality of life: And if I invest poorly, I will see that in the bottom line of his life. I can rest assured that every wild hair of my personality, and the stubble of sin that I fail to shave off my life will most likely be manifested in this mirror named Owen.

Luckily, because of grace, this idea is not nearly as terrifying as it should be. Because in spite of my flaws, if I can deposit Christ in this little spirit, I know that his strong little will can be molded to be used in great ways. I remind myself of that as I shave every morning in order that I might remember to spend some time with the double-edged razor sitting on my table that helps remove the stubble from my spirit.

If you want to be a good parent, it starts with being a good child of the King.

Walk worthy, friends. And go with grace.

“For this reason, we should make every effort to supplement our faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.” 2 Peter 1:5-7.

So, dad(s), what imprint are you leaving on your children’s souls? What is their reflection of God when mirrored against their dad? That is a heavy responsibility, isn’t it? We reflect God to our children. The weak dad runs from it, makes excuses or denies it. The courageous dad knows they’ll never measure up to that comparison but never stops trying. Which dad are you?

Submitted by NCMM Member Dr. Ron Fraser. You can find out more about Ron and his ministry, PointMan Ministries by clicking here.
Photo credits: Copyright: feverpitched / 123RF Stock Photo

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