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How to Pull Off a Men’s Event

How can a church that averages 350 men, women and children on a typical Sunday, attract more than 400 guys to a first-time men’s event? Put another way: how can a church that counts no more than 150 men as regular attendees, bring out more than ...


Help For Men Who Feel Washed Up

Have you seen the film, “The Artist”? It won this year’s Oscar for best picture. It’s the story of George Valentin, a silent movie star whose career is sunk by the advent of “talkies” in 1930. Valentin goes from famous to forgotten in a ...


Real Life Heroes

After running the luxury liner Costa Concordia aground on the French coast back in January, its captain was labeled “Chicken of the Sea” for abandoning his ship and trying to save himself. There were other reports of cowardice among men ...


Tebow, Warner, Plummer, and ‘Jesus Talk’

Many sportscasters and analysts  just don’t know what to make of Tim Tebow, and many NFL fans as well. He’s been ridiculed for not being a “true” NFL quarterback but he  seems to win in remarkable ways and has turned his team around. ...


Obedient Love

We live in a messed up world of performance, “man-up” exhaustion, and men who can’t seem to “get it right”. Jesus talked much about being servants and what it means to lay down our life, to give ourselves to each other in the presence of ...

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