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007 with Glen Dry

Disciple Men Podcast
Episode 007: Glen Dry

Since sixty percent of all adults who go to church on Sunday are female, it appears the church is doing a great job of reaching women. While we want to honor the success of ministry to women, we also want to include men in church life. What can be done to draw men in? To call them “out and up”?

Glen Dry has pioneered a church ministry that reaches out to men (specifically those of the camouflage culture) and ministers to them in an environment that challenges them. Considering that Jesus’ ministry was outdoors, Glen’s church meets outside, fully engaged with the elements and wildlife that surround the rooftop area they gather under. All the service elements are designed to call men out and up to follow after God, to let the men be men and not simply comfortable spectators. Glen points out that “if you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done” then explains the specifics of how his ministry uniquely reaches the outdoorsmen of his community.

“The church, unfortunately, has overlooked the idea and concept of environment when it comes to calling men out and then being convicted to walk out their relationship with Jesus. […] Basically, I grew up in an environment that I don’t know if it called men out or called men up to be who God has called them to be but just created a comfortable place for them to come sit and listen and never engage. What we have done is created an environment for them to engage because it’s outdoors.” —Glen Dry

“I say it’s a miracle every time a guy walks through the door. Because that miracle might bring his family with him one day.” —Glen Dry

What’s in your particular church’s DNA to reach men? Look for whatever your church’s passion is and turn it into why you go to church. Then, the passion will change to purpose to bring other people along on your journey to know God.

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