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You're Fired | DMM | NCMM | Larry Beaumont

No Such Thing As “Non-Essential”

There is a great debate these days about equality and inequality – racial, financial, and social.  How about your men’s ministry?  Equality may mean something different as viewed by a leader. This came to mind recently when the company I ...

man_kneeling_in_prayer | Disciple Men Mag

Men Who Lead From Their Knees

What is Leadership? John Maxwell defines leadership as, influence, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore everyone is a leader to one degree or another. Some of the finest leaders I know or know of are men who lead from their knees. What I mean by ...

AnyGivenSunday | NCMM | Bubba Burcham

What Happens in a REAL Mens’ Locker-Room

Recently one of my college football buddies invited me and a few other Sooner Football Alumni to attend a Thunder Basketball game. Of course I jumped at the chance to go to an NBA game but I really wanted to hang out with my old college buddies and ...

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