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Ten Principles for Developing Leaders

Every ministry to men needs leaders.  Unfortunately, leaders do not drop from the sky.  They have to be developed.  We must remember what the great missionary Samuel Morris said about developing leaders: “The greatest leaders are not those who ...


How to Lead a Church Men’s Ministry

Most men who are elected to lead men’s ministry within a church usually find out about their new prestigious position with a phone call or message on the voice-mail like this,  “Hey Jim!  Guess what?  You were just selected to be the ...


What Should Men’s Ministry Look Like

One of the questions I frequently am asked from newly appointed men’s ministry leaders is “How do I get started and how do all these activities, groups and busyness even make sense?” The purpose of ministry to men is to assist a man in the ...


Men Should Be Investors, Not Consumers

Do you know any men who pout or whine when their wife’s idea of frequent sex is different than theirs? Do you know any men who only go on dates when their wife sets one up? What makes more than a few young men devote massive amounts of time to ...


Pastoring Men: A Ringside Seat

The bulls-eye of ministry to men is being on-site as an eye witness to life change. I have had a ringside seat on many occasions when I’ve watched men strengthen and love each other. Recently, in a small group I lead we listened to Jon’s long ...

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