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man_kneeling_in_prayer | Disciple Men Mag

Men Who Lead From Their Knees

What is Leadership? John Maxwell defines leadership as, influence, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore everyone is a leader to one degree or another. Some of the finest leaders I know or know of are men who lead from their knees. What I mean by ...

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Perfect Unity Starts With Leaders

A young man desires to serve Jesus by starting a ministry for business people; his religious leader tells him to go serve a church for twenty years and then come back with a grandiose idea. Another man launches a ministry for frequent travelers; it ...

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Finishing the LONGER Race Well

My father did not live to reach the biblical “three score years and ten” (Psalms 90:10). When my dad died he was only 63 and I was just 12. I’m thinking more about my dad lately because I’ve now passed the age my father was ...


Ten Principles for Developing Leaders

Every ministry to men needs leaders.  Unfortunately, leaders do not drop from the sky.  They have to be developed.  We must remember what the great missionary Samuel Morris said about developing leaders: “The greatest leaders are not those who ...