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Radical Mentoring – Ministry Profile

At Radical Mentoring, we are passionate about mentoring men…about leveraging our life experiences to create disciple-makers who are passionate about God and life. We do this by enlisting older, wiser, Christ-followers to focus on intentional ...

Every Mans Hope | Dan Wobschall | NCMM

Every Man’s Hope Ministry

The mission of Every Man’s Hope is, “To shine the light of Christ on pornography addiction, and bring from brokenness the hope of freedom and renewal.” At a time where over 60% of men in the church battle sexual and pornographic ...

Thomas Edward | Healing Broken Men | Disciple Men Magazine

Healing Broken Men – Thomas Edward

At least 45% of men battling pornography, substance abuse, addictions, anger management, withdrawal, unhealthy people-pleasing, inability to build healthy intimate relationships, depression, and shame exhibit  these symptoms to mask a deeper ...

PointMan Ministries | Disciple Men Magazine | Member Profile

PointMan Ministries

The mission of PointMan Ministries is to reach, challenge, and equip men to be mature followers of Jesus Christ, and committed Christian leaders, guardians, protectors and providers of and for their families, churches, and communities, by acting ...