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GF Watkins |Genesis Team | Powerhouse church | NCMM Member

The Genesis Team – G.F. Watkins

What is the Genesis Team? A Fresh Breath, A New Beginning A uniquely qualified team of faith based life coaches committed to helping great people succeed. Genesis team members are equipped to support leaders in these areas: 1. Marriage 2. Ministry ...


Gulf South Men

Gulf South Men was formed to serve the local church, men’s groups and communities. This growing organization presently serves the greater Gulf Coast. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. GSMEN (Gulf South Men) reaches out in a variety of ...


Character That Counts

Character that Counts (CTC) was born out of a passion by Rod Handley to communicate the power of accountability in developing godly character and integrity in men’s and women’s lives. This passion was the motivating force behind Rod’s step of ...


Discipleship Network of America (DNA)

Phil Downer serves as President of Discipleship Network of America (DNA). DNA is a nationwide network of people committed to following Christ and winning and discipling others to become disciple makers. The spiritual reproductive ministry of DNA ...


Hearts Matter

Hearts Matters (Warriors’s Hearts-Men’s blog) ministry has created a plan and a map for a man’s transformational heart journey. Our maps have been created to rescue men from the traps they have fallen into and on to a path of ...


Careers With a Purpose

Unemployment and the economy is taking its toll on the Christian community and churches directly.  There is financial strain, family tension, and self-esteem and confidence are increasingly eroded. Many have lost jobs months or years ago, others ...

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