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What Happens in a REAL Mens’ Locker-Room

Recently one of my college football buddies invited me and a few other Sooner Football Alumni to attend a Thunder Basketball game. Of course I jumped at the chance to go to an NBA game but I really wanted to hang out with my old college buddies and ...


4 E’s of Effective Mentoring

Disciple Men through One-on-One Mentoring Before I talk about “Disciple Men through One-on-One Mentoring,” I want to share an email that I received from one of the men who was mentored by Barry Lynch. Barry serves on the Christian Mentors ...

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JLA Ministries (DadPad/DadPOD)

Ministering at the corner of Fatherhood and Manhood. Every father is a man (despite what society is saying) but not every man is a father, literally and figuratively. JLA Ministries believes that if we equip, encourage and educate (aka disciple) ...