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The View from Behind the Porta-Potty Truck

You must admit – this title requires a bit of courage.

Consider the Massachusetts Turnpike (the “Pike”), eastbound into Boston, at sunrise, during rush hour.  Does your ministry feel more like rush hour at breakneck speed or a refreshing drive through the park?

I frequently fly home from Boston early in the morning, driving my rental car east from Worcester (pronounced “Woostah”) before dawn.  To leave later changes Pike to Park (pronounced “Pahk”), as in Pahking Lot.

It starts with dozens of 18-wheelers three abreast all heading for the Port of Boston in the dark, professional drivers who know how to handle the hills and curves along the Pike.  But as 6:00 approaches, the Type A drivers begin pouring onto the Pike in a mad scramble to beat the traffic downtown.  As you plod along among the behemoths, you suddenly come under attack.  Every Mercedes, BMW and Lamborghini belonging to an upwardly mobile professional is now flying at you at impossible speeds, jumping in, then slamming on the breaks.  It’s just like the Indy 500, except that there are hundreds of cars, not just thirty-three.

Just as you settle in for the adventure with racing pulse and frayed nerves, you emerge around a sharp curve, over a big hill and straight into a giant fireball mounted securely on your hood – the rising sun as only Boston can present it. You squint for tail lights in front of you as if your life depends on it, which it does.  Hitting your brakes is more dangerous than tail-gating.

Last time I made this journey of courage, I noticed that while all the nut cases were jockeying for position in the left two lanes, a truck with two porta-potties strapped to it was moving down the right lane at exactly the speed limit, not slower as you might expect.  Why?  Even a Boston lawyer knows not to follow a porta-potty truck!  There was plenty of room behind him for obvious olfactory reasons and plenty of room ahead because it is de classe to drive in the right lane in a BMW.

Now here’s the bonus: the porta-potties were quite tall, so they blocked the blinding sun perfectly!  I pulled in behind, maintained a beautiful pace while basking in the shade, and got to watch in relative safety as mad men make fools of themselves.  The porta-potty driver was the most professional of them all and guided me safely all the way to Logan Airport.

What could this possibly have to do with your ministry?

Sometimes, if you slow down and stop competing with everyone else, you might see the field of new possibilities for your ministry from a new angle.

And just maybe, you will come up with the great idea that God has been waiting to share with your ministry.

Give this some prayer, and let’s “reload” your ministry when we meet in Little Rock in November!

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