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What Should Men’s Ministry Look Like

One of the questions I frequently am asked from newly appointed men’s ministry leaders is “How do I get started and how do all these activities, groups and busyness even make sense?”

The purpose of ministry to men is to assist a man in the close proximity of Jesus, who then transforms the man’s spirit into His disciple.  These men are called “Men of God”, fully devoted followers of Christ; my favorite term is self-feeders.  There are many programs and processes that can assist men in this area and I can assure you that one size does not fit all. Plenty of our NCMM members have excellent processes and I would encourage you to review all of these.

In any of these programs and processes, the leader of the ministry should be focused on how to attract men to your ministry, engage them to attach to other men, gain a hunger and thirst for Jesus to become Lord of their life, and then be able to live out the gifts that God has has provided in their life to fulfill their purpose.  In simpler terms, men’s ministry has a desire to Attract, Attach, Accelerate and Activate men into God’s purpose for each of their lives. These men are Men of God!

A church with men’s ministry has many areas of interest for men to enter into a spiritual walk with Christ.  These points are known in terms as “Attract”.  Some of these attraction points could include Saturday morning breakfasts, car shows, men’s retreats, adventure sports, traditional sports, weekend services with men’s topic emphasis, workplace ministries, service projects or road warriors.  It is the hope and prayer that each man connects with other men and becomes part of a small group.

It is in small groups that men actually become “Attached” to other men in their group through a relationship developed with other men, but especially with Jesus Christ.  NCMM members are actually writers of the great curriculums that groups study. These studies can be found on the NCMM website  It is during this time that men develop a sense of belonging, responsibility and accountability to one another and to Jesus Christ.  Keep in mind this is a process and not everyone moves at the same rate or sequence.

As men share life with other men, a transformation of Jesus Christ takes place in his life.  His entire life changes right before his eyes and the eyes of others.  His priorities change and his life “Accelerates”.  He desires to have the fruits of the Spirit that he sees in other Christian men displayed in his own life.  He learns that the only way he can realize this is a closer walk with Jesus Christ, so he starts the journey with Him.  Prayer and reading the Word become a way of life and daily routine for continued spiritual growth toward understanding what God has called him to do with his life. “Jesus said, I am the true vine, and my father is the gardener.” John 15: 1

While on this journey, men learn that some things must go in their lives while others must be added.  As this happens in a man, his life becomes “Activated” in God’s blessings.  He is not only talking the talk of Jesus’ teachings, but he is walking the walk as Jesus would do.  He develops a ministry in his walk of life.  This ministry will be in his business field, his neighborhood, participation in his children’s activities or leading some volunteer position at his church.  He is a self-feeder and knows he is a Man of God.  “Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress.  And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us.”  Hebrews 12: 1

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